05 jūlijs, 2011


Kā jau solīts, AMGmusic atgriežas ar parādu no pagātnes. Tāpēc piedāvāšu Jums AMGmusic Marta Top 20, Aprīļa Top 20 un Maija Top 20. Taupot laiku jaunajiem ierakstiem (un galu galā teju gatavs jau jaunais - Jūnija Top 20), šoreiz bez jelkādiem komentāriem. Galu galā - Esmu gandrīz drošs, ka par visām topā atrodamajām dziesmām informācija ir viegli sameklējama AMGmusic daudzajās lapās. Aiziet! Patīkamu klausīšanos un atmiņas atsvaidzināšanu!


20.Wiz Khalifa - "The Race" [Atlantic]
(from f/c LP "Rolling Papers", out on March 29th)

19.Four Tet - "Pinnacles" [Text Records]
(from split 12'' vinyl with Daphni, out now)

18.Daphni - "Ye Ye" [Text Records]
(from split 12'' vinyl with Four Tet, out now)

17.Love Inks - "Skeleton Key" [City Slang]
(from f/c LP "E.S.P.", out on May 10th)
(available as a
free download)

16.Oupa - "Forget" [self-released]
(from f/c EP, set to be released in summer)
(available as a
free download)

15.Wild Beasts - "Albatross" [Domino]
(from f/c LP "Smother", out on May 9th)
(available as a
free download)

14.Cults - "You Know What I Mean" [Columbia]
(from f/c LP "The Cults", out in May)

13.Arcade Fire - "City With No Children" [Mercury]
(from LP "The Suburbs", out now)
(released as a digital single on March 14th)

12.Greatest Hits - "Fun Girls" [Sixteen Tambourines]
(from 7" vinyl single "Freak Funk Boy", out now)

11.Adam Kesher - "Hour Of The Wolf" [EMI France]
(released as a digital single on March 7th)

10.Wolfram & Constantin - "Session-Recession" [Mr. Intl]
(released as a digital single on March 7th)

9.EMA - "California" [Souterrain Transmissions]
(from f/c LP "Past Life Martyred Saints", out on May 9th)

8.Nicolas Jaar - "Keep Me There" [Circus Company]
(from LP "Space Is Only Noise", out now)
(available as a
free download)

7.Gold Panda - "Marriage" [Ghostly International]
(from EP "Marriage", digitally out now)

6.R.E.M. - "UBerlin" [Warner]
(from LP "Collapse Into Now", out now)
(released as a digital single on January 25th)

5.YACHT - "Dystopia (The Earth Is on Fire)" [DFA]
(from f/c LP "Shangri-La", out on June 20th)
(available as a
free download)

4.Just a Number 05272011 - "He Didn't Want a Love Song" [Tri Angle]
(no release information yet)

3.The Weeknd - "What You Need" [self-released]
(no release information yet)

2.Burial - "Street Halo" [Hyperdub]
(from 12'' EP "Street Halo", released on March 28th)

1.Four Tet, Burial & Thom Yorke - "Mirror" [Text Records]
(from 12'' "Ego/Mirror", out now)


Beat Connection - "Silver Screen" [Moshi Moshi Records]
(from f/c EP "Silver Screen", out now)

Bosco Delrey - "20 Flight Dub" [Mad Decent]
(from f/c LP "Everybody Wah", out on March 28th)
(available as a free download)

Breakage feat Jess Mills - "Fighting Fire" [Digital Soundboy]
(released as a digital single on February 27th)

Marissa Nadler - "Baby, I Will Leave You In The Morning" [self-released]
(from f/c LP, out in June)
(available as a free download)

Mueran Humanos - "Horas Tristes" [Blind Prophet]
(from LP "Muearan Humanos", out now)
(available as a free download)

Night Plane - "Parallel Lines" [self-released]
(from compilation "Soul Clap's Social Experiment 002", out now)

Olof Arnalds feat Bjork - "Surrender" [One Little Indian]
(released as a 7'' vinyl single on March 3rd)

The Chemical Brothers - "Container Park" [Sony]
(from OST "Hanna", out on March 14th)

The Flaming Lips & Neon Indian - "Is David Bowie Dying?" [self-released]
(from very limited 12'' vinyl "The Flaming Lips with Neon Indian", out now)

Young Knives - "Love My Name" [Gadzook]
(from f/c LP "Ornaments From the Silver Arcade", out on April 4th)
(released as a 7'' vinyl single on March 28th)

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